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Take the MoJo`s 3 Minute Challenge. You will be given 10 Questions to complete quiz. Your time taken will be factored into your ranking. Good Luck.
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Who Are We
Golfing Mojo is a FREE website for golfing fans with a focus on skill based fantasy competitions.
What We Do
Our mission is to provide a socially enabling digital experience for golfing fans based around skill based fantasy competitions focused on the major golf tours in the world. Fantasy is a game of skill for golf fans run as a competition amongst entrants. To enter our Fantasy competitions you must build a team of 5 golfers within a salary cap of $60,000 which competes against other similarly selected teams from your competitors.

The skill of the competition is to select the team of golfers that earns the most points. The team with the most points wins the competition!
Support Us
Our business model relies upon the support of sponsorship, corporate and advertising partnerships and of course you.

The more people who play fantasy with Golfing Mojo the greater the appeal of the site to our partners and as a result the better the prizes we can offer to participants. The better the prizes we can offer to participants the more people will play our fantasy competitions and so it goes.

The larger the number of participants in our fantasy competitions the bigger and better prizes we can offer you, it is as simple as that!

We need your help to make Golfing Mojo the best golfing fantasy competition site possible. You can show your support by telling your friends and family about us. Remember to also interact with us on Facebook by liking Golfing Mojo and you can even post your fantasy team to your Facebook page.

Finally, please also support our sponsors and advertisers as they make an important contribution to the Golfing Mojo experience.

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