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ABOUT FANTASY Fantasy is a game of skill for golf fans run as a competition amongst entrants. Fantasy is currently offered on all PGA Tour and European Tour tournaments as well as selected Australasian Tour tournaments.

HOW IT WORKS To enter our Fantasy competitions you must build a team of 5 golfers within a salary cap of $60,000 which competes against other similarly selected teams from your competitors.

Each golfer in the tournament is allocated a salary cap price from most expensive to least expensive. To select a golfer for your team you pay the salary cap price remembering your total salary cap is $60,000. The golfers in your team earn points based on the Fantasy Points Matrix resulting from their finishing positions. We award bonus points for selecting a team under the salary cap and there is also penalty points if your player misses the cut for Full Tournament competitions. The collective points scored by your team is your fantasy score in the competition.

The skill of the competition is to select the team of golfers that earns the most points.

The team with the most points wins the competition!

WIN GREAT PRIZES Our fantasy competitions offers you the chance to win great prizes in the form of Shop Dollars which can be redeemed for vouchers in our fantasy Shop.

The prizes up for grabs our advertised in the Info section of each competition.

Prizes are also up for grabs for the Fantasy player of the month and fantasy player of the year for the PGA and European Tours. Entry into our competitions automatically feed onto the monthly and yearly leaderboards.

SUPPORT US Our business model relies upon the support of sponsorship, corporate and advertising partnerships and of course you.

The more people who play fantasy with Golfing Mojo the greater the appeal of the site to our partners and as a result the better the prizes we can offer to participants. The better the prizes we can offer to participants the more people will play our fantasy competitions and so it goes.

The larger the number of participants in our fantasy competitions the bigger and better prizes we can offer you, it is as simple as that!

We need your help to make Golfing Mojo the best golfing fantasy competition site possible. You can show your support by telling your friends and family about us. Remember to also interact with us on Facebook by liking Golfing Mojo and you can even post your fantasy team to your Facebook page.

Finally, please also support our sponsors and advertisers as they make an important contribution to the Golfing Mojo experience.

COMPETITION TYPES There are two types of Fantasy competitions:


A competition based over the full tournament. Points are allocated to your team as per the scoring matrix base on your golfers results in rounds 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Low Round) as well as the tournaments final leaderboard remembering there are also penalty and bonus points.

Round(s) Low Score

A competition based on a single round of a tournament. Points are allocated to your team as per the scoring matrix ONLY for the specific round named, remembering bonus points apply.

RULES The Rules of the fantasy competitions are provided on the site.

COMPETITION SCHEDULE A full Schedule of upcoming fantasy competitions are posted on the site.


Our free Fantasy competitions are a great way to test your skills without any financial pressure with the chance to win great prizes. Prizes will be announced on each individual competitions entry page and are in the form of redeemable gift vouchers.

POINTS SCORING MATRIX Points scored in Competitions are as per the Fantasy Points Matrix.

ENTERING YOUR TEAM Entrants are only allowed one entry per competition.

Full Tournament and Round 1 Low Score competitions generally open for entries on a Tuesday. Round 2, 3 and 4 Low Score competitions open for entries once the preceding rounds competition has closed.

Entry is open until the designated start time of the competition which is when the 1st groups are scheduled to tee off. You can make as many changes to your team in the competition prior the event going in-play. Each entrants last saved team is the team that gets entered into the competition.

Teams that do not consist of 5 golfers and breach the salary cap are restricted from entry into the competition.

Once your team is entered into the competition it will appear in the Fantasy Leaderboard.

NON-STARTER SUBSTITUTION RULE If any one of your golfers do not start the tournament we insert a substitute player into your team as a replacement.

If we are aware of the golfers withdrawal prior to the start of the competition an email will be sent to all entrants who have selected the golfer in their team. You then have the option of selecting your own replacement golfer.

The salary cap system makes it virtually impossible for entrants to nominate a replacement golfer as a result of a late tournament withdrawal as a result we have created the non-starter substitute rule.

If a golfer in your team does not start the tournament we automatically select the next golfer in the salary cap of the same or less value which has the lowest official world ranking. If none of these players have an official world ranking in our system will simply allocate the next golfer which is listed immediately below the withdrawn golfer. Non-starter substitutions will be made as soon as possible after the commencement of a competition.

Late withdrawals are rare in golfing tournaments and we believe our non-starter substution rule is the fairest and easiest solution when this event occurs.

TRANSPARENCY AND FAIRNESS As a competitive game of skill it is important we set out a fair and transparent playing field for all entrants.

Entrants can only view their own team and restricted information on competitors teams prior to the commencement of the competition. When a competition is open for entries the only information available to other entrants is the amount of salary cap used and un-used and of course your salary cap bonus for each team.

Once the competition commences all teams are fully visible on the site including all entrants selected golfers. This is an important feature which facilitates confidence in the competitions integrity and results.

FANTASY LEADERBOARD Each entry to the competition will be displayed on the contests leaderboard.

Contest leaderboards will update in either real time (where possible) or at the end of each individual round including all entrants current position in the competition based around the current leaderboard. In-run fantasy leaderboards are provided for entertainment purposes and are subject to confirmation of official results.

One of the great features of Fantasy is you can track the progress of the contest as the action unfolds.

COMPETITION WINNERS Contest winners will be highlighted on the fantasy leaderboard and notified in relation to prizes once the final scores are validated.

Results are only official once the competition status changes to FINAL. Each competition will be finalised within 24 hours of the completion of the event.

MONTHLY AND YEARLY FANTASY LEADERBOARDS For both the PGA and European Tour we offer a monthly and yearly leaderboards.

Entry into any fantasy competitions will automatically post your points to the monthly and yearly fantasy leaderboards. Prizes are up for grabs for the fantasy best monthly and yearly players.

Monthly Leaderboards

Any tournament that starts in a specific calendar month will feed onto the Monthly Leaderboard for that month in relation to the specific tour from which the competition belongs.

The winner of the Fantasy player of the Month is determined by the member who has accumulated the most fantasy points on the monthly leaderboard after all competitions have been finalised. Fantasy points will be the sum total of each members 2 best results recorded in the month.

Yearly Leaderboards

Any tournament that starts in a specific year will feed onto the Yearly Leaderboard for that year in relation to the specific tour from which the competition belongs.

The winner of the Fantasy player of the Year is determined by the member who has accumulated the most fantasy points on the yearly leaderboard after all competitions have been finalised. Fantasy points will be the sum total of each members 10 best results recorded in the year.

INVITE YOUR FRIENDS We have made it easy for you to invite your friends to Golfing Mojo to enjoy the challenge of our fantasy competitions.

The invite Friends features are coming soon.