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WHAT IS FANTASY? Fantasy is a game of skill for golf fans run as a competition amongst entrants.

To enter Fantasy you must build a team of 5 golfers from a specified professional golf tournament within a salary cap of $60,000 which competes against other similarly selected teams from your competitors. Each golfer is allocated a salary cap value from most expensive to least expensive. Your team earns points based on the results of your team and the points matrix. The skill of the competition is to select the team that earns the most points.

The team with the most points wins!

WHAT ARE THE RULES GOVERNING FANTASY? Fantasy official Rules are published on the Site.

The rules will be used to administer all fantasty competitions. We recommend Fantasy participants read and understand the fantasy rules prior to entering a fantasy competition.

WHY IS FANTASY A GAME OF SKILL? Fantasy becomes a game of skill in large part because of the salary cap and the competition points matrix.

Because each entrant has a maximum salary cap of $60,000 to spend on their team the skill of picking the 5 best golfers within this cap comes down to the entrants ability to find players who feature at the top of the leaderboard and as a result earn points toward the teams total points scored.

Entrants can see the obvious advantage of having the best golfers in their team but with the salary cap you have to use skill to fill your team with golfers who have been allocated a diverse salary cap price. The competition becomes a balancing act between spending big on the favourites and finding value in golfers who are less fancied to do well.

To help entrants with this task we provide a comprehensive archive of the golfers past results and their current official world ranking.

WHO CAN ENTER FANTASY? Fantasy competitions are open to every golfing fan and they are FREE to play. To Enter you must first become a member of Golfing Mojo, it is also completely FREE to join and you can even join using your Facebook account.

WHAT DOES IT COST TO ENTER COMPETITIONS OFFERED BY FANTASY? Fantasy is FREE to enter. We provided the prizes so all you need to do is enjoy the challenge of Fantasy.

WHAT GOLFING TOURNAMENTS ARE COVERED BY FANTASY? Fantasy is offered on tournaments from the official golf tours including the PGA Tour, the European Tour with selected Australasian Tour events. We plan to expand into the Tour, the Champions Tour and the LPGA Tour from the start of the 2017 season.

The Schedule lists upcoming tournaments covered by Fantasy.

WHAT COMPETITION TYPES ARE OFFERED BY FANTASY? There are two types of Fantasy competitions:


A competition based over the full tournament. Points are allocated to your team as per the scoring matrix base on your golfers results in rounds 1, 2, 3 and 4 remembering as well as the tournaments final leaderboard remembering there are also penalty and bonus points up for grabs.

Tournament is the flag ship Fantasy competition and will always be offered for each tournament.

Round Low Score:

A competition based on a single round of a tournament. Points are allocated to your team as per the scoring matrix ONLY for the specific round named. No penalty or bonus points apply.

Round Low Score will be offered on selected tournaments such as Majors.

HOW DO I ENTER A FANTASY COMPETITION? First you need to join Golfing Mojo remember it is free OR if you are already a Member simply log in.

To join a competition simply head to Fantasy where you can see the open competitions available to enter.

Click on the ENTER NOW button of a competition that you wish to enter and you will be taken to a team selection page to choose your team. Select 5 golfers who fall under the salary cap of $60,000. Click SELECT TEAM and your team is now entered into the Fantasy competition.

Job done, now enjoy the action.

HOW MANY TIMES CAN I ENTER A FANTASY COMPETITION? Members are only allowed ONE entry to each individual Fantasy competition.

I AM READY TO PICK MY TEAM, WHAT ADVICE HAVE YOUR GOT FOR ME? We provide you with each golfers last 5 finishes and their official world ranking on the first level of the entry page. This is a good starting point, remember points are awarded based the scoring matrix so the better the form of the golfer the more likely they will be to score points in this competition.

A more detailed look at each golfers performance is available by clicking on the golfers name.

IF MY TEAM IS NOT COMPLETE OR OVER THE SALARY CAP WILL MY ENTRY BE PLACED IN THE FANTASY COMPETITION? No, the competition entries only occur after you have selected your full team within the allocated $60,000 salary cap.

Our systems make it impossible for an entry to be lodge in the fantast competitions which does not meet this entry criteria.

HOW DO I KNOW MY TEAM HAS BEEN ENTERED IN THE FANTASY COMPETITION? Simple, you will see a message on the screen to confirm your entry and your team will now appear in the fantasy ladder which list all the entrants in the competition.

CAN I EDIT MY TEAM ONCE MY ENTRY IS SUBMITTED? Yes, entries are changeable prior to the commencement of the competition.

Any changes to your team only occur if the changes meets the entry criteria. Changes to teams can be made up to the start of the competition at which point entries are locked and cannot be changed.

WHEN DO FANTASY COMPETITIONS OPEN FOR ENTRIES? This depends on the type of competition.

Tournament competitions will generally open for entries on Tuesdays and close for entries when the tournament commences which is normally on Thursdays.

1st Round Low Score competitions (if offered) will open at the same time as the Tournament competitions.

2nd, 3rd and 4th Round Low Score competitions (if offered) will open when the preceding round commences. For example when the 2nd Round Low Score competition closes because the round has commenced the 3rd Round Low Score Competition will open.

WHEN DO FANTASY COMPETITIONS CLOSE FOR ENTRIES? Entries for competitions will close at the designated start time for each competition as counted down on the Fantasy homepage.

Competition start times are subject to change based around factors such as tee times and weather delays.

WHAT HAPPENS IF ONE OR MORE OF MY GOLFERS DO NOT START THE FANTASY COMPETITION? The salary cap system makes it virtually impossible for entrants to nominate a replacement golfer as a result of a golfers withdrawal. As a result if any one of your golfers do not start the competition we insert a substitute golfer into your team as a replacement.

Remember, you can always edit your team prior to the competition starting so in most cases a high profile golfer withdrawing will give you the option of selecting your own replacement golfer.

HOW ARE SUBSTITUTES SELECTED AS A RESULT OF GOLFERS WHO DO NOT START THE FANTASY COMPETITION? If a golfer in your team does not start the competition we automatically select the next golfer in the salary cap of the same or less value which has the lowest official world ranking. If none of these players have an official world ranking in our system will simply allocate the next golfer which is listed immediately below the withdrawn golfer.

If we make an automatic substitution to your team as a result of a golfers not starting in the competition you will see the withdrawn golfer highlighted in pink and the replacement golfer highlighted in blue.

Late withdrawals are rare in golfing tournaments and we believe our substation rule is the fairest and easiest solution to this event occurring.

WHAT HAPPENS IF A GOLFER TIES FOR A FINISH POSTION IN A FANTASY COMPETITION? Ties for a finishing position will not reduce or average down points awarded. All golfers finishing on the same position for the competition will be awarded the same number of points as per the points scoring matrix.

For example, if 2 golfers tie for 3rd place in a tournament competition, each will receive the 900 fantasy points for the 3rd place finish result. In this case the next available finishing position is 5th with 800 points as there is a 2 way tie for 3rd place.

This process continues until all golfers who finished in the points positions as per the scoring matrix have been allocated points.

WHAT HAPPENS IF A GOLFER STARTS A ROUND BUT DOES NOT FINISH THE ROUND IN A FANTASY COMPETITION? Golfers will receive points for all completed rounds only. No points will be awarded for rounds which are not completed.

WHAT HAPPENS IS A GOLFER IS DIS-QUALIFIED IN A FANTASY COMPETITION? Disqualified golfers receive points for all completed rounds regardless of the basis for the disqualification.

WHAT HAPPENS IF A GOLFER WITHDRAWS OR IS DISQUALIFIED PRIOR TO THE CUT? The missed the cut penalty applies only to golfers who are officially denoted as missing the cut. A withdrawn or disqualified golfer before the cut is made will not attract the miss the cut penalty.

MY GOLFER MADE THE CUT BUT SUBSEQUENTLY WITHDRAW OR WAS DISQUALIFIED PRIOR TO THE START OF ROUND 3? Points will be awarded for all completed rounds. The missed the cut penalty does not apply in this case.

HOW IS MY TEAM AWARDED POINTS IN A FANTASY COMPETITION? The point scoring matrix is the foundation of each Fantasy competition and is the basis for awarding each teams points. The scoring matrix allocates points for your golfers performance in the competition based around the official finishing positions achieved. Their may also be bonus points on offer.

The Information icon provided for every competition will list the points scoring matrix. Entrants should review the points scoring matrix prior to entering a competition. The matrix will detail the way in which each golfer will be awarded points. For example Tournament Finish Position 1st = 1000 Points.

Your team points will be determined by the collective points scored by your golfers plus any bonus points which you have been awarded.

CAN I FOLLOW MY PROGRESS IN A COMPETITION AS THE ACTION UNFOLDS? Yes, the list of entrants will be displayed in a ladder format which will update either in real time or at the end of each round.

The ladder will rank each entrants points scored from highest to lowest so you will always know exactly where you stand at any point in time in the competition. Following the action as the competition unfold greatly enhances the fantasy experience and set us apart from other fantasy style games offered.

WHEN ARE RESULTS OFFICIALLY DECLARED FOR EACH FANTASY COMPETITION? We will declare the official results for all fantasy competitions as soon as possible. This largely depends on the time it takes to verify the results displayed in the competitions ladder against the official data source used by us to determine competition results.

After each competition has been officially resulted the status on the fantasy homepage changes from IN-RUN to WINNER with the competition winning entrant displayed.

HOW DO I KNOW THE FANTASY COMPETITIONS ARE RUN FAIRLY? As a competitive game of skill it is important we set out a fair and transparent playing field for all entrants.

Entrants can only view their own team and restricted information on competitors teams prior to the commencement of the competition. When a competition is open for entries the only information available to other entrants is the amount of salary cap used and un-used and of course your salary cap bonus for each team.

Once the competition commences all teams are fully visible on the site including all entrants selected golfers. This is an important feature which facilitates confidence in the competitions integrity and results.

WHAT PRIZES ARE AWARDED IN FANTASY COMPETITIONS? The prize pool on offer for Fantasy competitions will be published in the Information section.

HOW ARE THE FANTASY COMPETITION PRIZE WINNERS ANNOUNCED? After each fantasy competition is finalised the winning team will be published on the Website.

An email confirmation will be sent to all teams who are awarded prizes.

WHAT HAPPENS IF THERE IS MULTIPLE TEAM WINNERS FOR A FANTASY COMPETITION? In the event of a tie for the most points in a competition, the prize pool will be split evenly amongst the winning entrants.

Our salary cap and points scoring rules makes the chances of a tie occurring in a competition an unlikely event.

HOW DO I REEDEM MY PRIZE AS A WINNER? All prizes are awarded as fantasy dollars in the shop. Fantasy dollars are credited to the account of the winners in each fantasy competition.

Fantasy dollars are redeemable for gift vouchers from the shop at your discreation. Your account balance will reduce by the value of any gift voucher redeemed.

Gift vouchers will be emailed to you shortly after they are redeemed.

WHAT IS THE FANTASY SHOP? The fantasy shop is where prize money awarded to competition prize winners can be redeemed for vouchers.

The fantasy shop contains all the relevant information prior to the redemption of prize money for vouchers.

WHAT HAPPENS IF A TOURNAMENT IS CANCELLED OR POSTPONED FOR A FANTASY COMPETITION? The tournament must have an official result for the fantasy tournament competitions to stand. The tournament governing body has the sole discretion for declaring the official result. If a tournament is abandoned all tournament competitions will be declared void.

If a tournament is shortened to less than 4 rounds the tournament competitions will be settled on the basis of the leaderboard on the rounds completed which have been used to declare an official result.

Competitions run over a single round of a tournament stand regardless of the tournaments status as long as the round in question was completed by all golfers.

HOW HAVE GOLFER SALARY CAP VALUES BEEN DETERMINED? The golfer values for each competition and are based around a complex algorithm which takes into account factors such as the golfers official world ranking and recent performances in golfing tournaments.

Golfer values are intended to provide an interesting, challenging, skill-based fantasy competition amongst participants.

HOW DO THE MONTHLY AND SEASON LEADERBOARDS WORK? If you enter the standard tournament fantasy competition you are automatically ranked against all other participants based around monthly and yearly leaderboards.

Monthly and season leaderbaords are specific to relevant golfing tour under which the fantasy competition belongs too. For example, The PGA Tour and the European Tour.

Monthly leaderboards include all tournaments that start in the calendar month. Season leaderbaords are based on the calendar year.

Prizes will be awarded to the entrants who accumulate the most points over the month and over the entire season for the relevant golfing tour.