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Version 1.0 effective 1st July, 2016

Participation in Competitions are subject to the rules outlined below and the Terms and Conditions (to be read in-conjunction with each other). We are committed to a fair and transparent playing field for all participants and as a result we will administer Competitions in accordance with these rules.

We reserve the right to change any of these rules at anytime by publishing new rules on the Website. Your use of the Website constitutes acceptance of those rules.

STRUCTURE Fantasy Salary Cap: $60,000

Fantasy Team: 5 Golfers

AIM To pick a fantasy team of 5 golfers from a salary cap of $60,000 to score more points than your opponents in Competitions.

DETAILS Each golfer in the tournament is allocated a salary cap price from most expensive to least expensive. To select a golfer for your team you pay the salary cap price remembering your total salary cap is $60,000. The golfers in your team earn points based on the Fantasy scoring matrix resulting from their finishing positions. We award bonus points for selecting a team under the salary cap and there is also penalty points if your player misses the cut. The collective points scored by your team is your fantasy score in the competition.

The skill of the competition is to select the team of golfers that earns the most points.

The team with the most points wins the competition and the prize pool is allocated according to finish position.

ENTRY Competitions are open to the general public as per the Fantasy Terms and Conditions.

Competitions are restricted to One entry per user.

Competition start times are subject to change.

Competitions close for entry at the official start time of the event as published on Our Website and no further entries are accepted.

We reserve the right to reject any entry to a Competition which We determined was made after the event had commenced.

TEAM CHANGES Teams may be changed at any time leading up to the start of the Competition.

Competition start times are subject to change.

Once the Competition has commenced no further changes to teams are accepted and teams are locked.

We reserve the right to lock teams in the Competition as soon as our feed reflects that the Competition has started.

We reserve the right to cancel any changes made to teams which We determined was made after the event had commenced.

PLAYER POOLS, PRICES & NON STARTERS Player Pools are established by Us.

Player Salary Cap prices are establish by Us using a complex algorithm. Once a salary cap price is established it cannot be changed.

Golfers who withdraw from the Competition (Non-Starter) prior to teeing off in the event will be scratched from the Player Pool.

Once a Player Pool is established it WILL NOT be adjusted except to scratch a Non-Starter in the Competition. No additional golfers can be added to the Player Pool (for any reason) once it is established.

If a golfer listed in the Player Pool does not start the Competition no concessions or adjustments will be made to salary cap prices of other golfers in the Player Pool.

The Player Pool will consist of all golfers expected to participate in the Competition. Occasionally a golfer may be missing from the Player Pool due to late qualification or unforeseen circumstances and occasionally a golfer listed in the Player Pool will not participate in the Competition.

If a Team contains a Non-Starter when the Competition commences the Substitution Rule applies.

Substitution Rule

If a golfer in your team does not start the Competition we automatically select the next golfer in the salary cap of the same or less value which has the lowest official world ranking. If none of these players have an official world ranking in our system will simply allocate the next golfer which is listed immediately below the withdrawn golfer. Non-starter substitutions will be made as soon as possible after the commencement of a competition and will be clearly identified.

POINT SCORING MATRIX Points scored in Competitions are as per the Fantasy Points Matrix.

OFFICIAL RESULTS Competitions results will be made official using our statistical providers as soon as possible after the completion of the event.

Until an official result is declared for Competitions all information are published for entertainment purposes including in-run leaderboards and are subect to change.

TOURNAMENT - CANCELLATIONS/POSTPONEMENTS/AMENDMENTS The governing body responsible for the Tournament has the sole discretion for declaring the official result.

If an official result is declared regardless of the number of rounds used to determined this result the Competition will be settled on the leaderboard based on the rounds completed which have been used to declare an official result.

If a tournament is abandoned (without an official result) the Competitions not already fully decided prior to the abandonment will be declared void.

A golf tournament may be postponed for varies reasons including weather. We will wait until the tournaments officials make a ruling on the outcome of the postponement before taking any actions related to the Competitions status. In general if the tournament is still postponed by the start of the next event the Competitions not already fully decided prior to the postponement will be declared void.