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Australian Members - Gift Vouchers
What is Gift Pay ? Australian members can redeem shop dollars using our voucher partner, GiftPay. From your My Account, select the dollars icon and choose the voucher value from the drop down list and click CONFIRM.

You will receive a confirmation email from us followed by an email from GiftPay with the voucher details within 24 hours.

GiftPay - Instant eGift Cards

Flexi eGift Cards are a fast and convenient way to redeem your shop dollars.

• No signup necessary
• Compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets & smartphones
• No app to install, use your eGift Card immediately

GiftPay can be accessed anywhere with a mobile optimised solution with no need to carry the physical gift voucher. GiftPay provides a simple three step process for redemption. Receive a voucher by email and click the link to open it. Choose where and how to spend your voucher. Use the vouchers immediately.

GiftPay features Australia biggest retailers and provides access to over 40 separate merchants including Woolworths, Coles, Myer, David Jones, Target and JB Hi-Fi to name a few.

How & Where To Use Instore and online dependant upon merchant selection.

For more information check out

Expiry & Validity 36 months for Flexi eGift card.

Individual merchant expiry varies depending upon merchant.

Terms & Conditions Treat this electronic gift card (egift card) as cash. Any person who learns the URL of this egift card can use it, therefore it is your responsibility to keep this egift card safe by keeping the URL private. We recommend you keep the original egift card email safe and take all measures necessary to secure your email. Do not open this egift card on a public or shared computer terminal. Lost or stolen egift cards will not be replaced or refunded. Not redeemable for cash. When you choose to redeem your egift card by converting part or all of the value into a participating merchants egift card or voucher, the validity of that portion of your egift card will change to a shorter period. Please pay attention to the expiry periods and dates shown. Any unused value after the expiry date of any egift card or voucher will not be refunded or credited. When you convert value into a participating merchants egift card or voucher, the conversion is final and cannot be reversed. Egift cards and vouchers are not reloadable.

Just some of the retailers available using GiftPay
Big W
Chem Ware
David Jones
Event Cinemas
Flight Centre
JB Hi Fi
Super Cheap
Members Outside of Australia - Gift Vouchers
We Issue Vouchers Directly From Our International Retailers From outside of Australia, no problems we issue vouchers from a host of the USAs and the worlds biggest retailors so you can still redeem your shop dollars.

Due to the complications of converting shop dollars through our international retail partners if you are in country outside Australia you cannot us the Redeem Gift Voucher interface. Simply email us when you are ready to redeem your shop dollars with the amount you would like to redeem and we will provide you with a list of options for you to choose from.

Important If you are a member from outside Australia DO NOT redeem a voucher using the Redeem Gift Voucher interface. Golfing Mojo is an Australian based website. All Fantasy competition prize pools and shop dollars are awarded in Australian dollars.

Members from outside Australia are provided with vouchers in US dollars, converted back Shop Dollars when the voucher is created.

Conversion Rate Shop Dollars to US Dollars Effective 1st July, 2016

1.00 AUS = 0.70 US

For every $100 in shop dollars you can redeem a $70 US dollar voucher.