Take the MoJo`s 3 Minute Challenge. You will be given 10 Questions to complete quiz. Your time taken will be factored into your ranking. Good Luck.
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Choose the event that you would like to enter and recieve a $60,000 budget.
Spend a maximum of $60,000 on 5 Golfers then Submit Team
ABOUT FANTASY Fantasy is a game of skill for golf fans run as a competition amongst entrants. Fantasy is currently offered on all PGA Tour and European Tour tournaments as well as selected Australasian Tour tournaments.

To enter our Fantasy competitions you must build a team of 5 golfers within a salary cap of $60,000 which competes against other similarly selected teams from your competitors.

Each golfer in the tournament is allocated a salary cap price from most expensive to least expensive. To select a golfer for your team you pay the salary cap price remembering your total salary cap is $60,000. The golfers in your team earn points based on the Fantasy scoring matrix resulting from their finishing positions. We award bonus points for selecting a team under the salary cap and there is also penalty points if your player misses the cut for Full Tournament competitions. The collective points scored by your team is your fantasy score in the competition.

The skill of the competition is to select the team of golfers that earns the most points.

The team with the most points wins the competition!

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